Regular Expresion Designer

Regular Expresion Designer 1.4

Learn programming expressions the easy way


  • Makes interpreting strings much easier
  • Great for improving string creation


  • Doesn't cover all string types

Very good

If you know nothing about programming then Regular Expression Designer won't be of much to use to you, However, if you world of string and chains mean something then you might find it can help improve your programming skills.

Regular expressions are a set of strings that are used in almost any programming language as well as programs with advanced search functions. The problem is that they are extremely cryptic to understand and new programmers often have problems learning to formulate and interpret them correctly.

Regular Expression Designer is a simple tool which facilitates the task of finding and creating regular expressions with the results. It works simply via a box where you can enter a sting and then Regular Expression Designer will illustrate the different substrings found. The program includes a list of all the practical elements used so that you can see clearly how the string was formed.

For budding programmers or those that have problems formulating or interpreting strings, Regular Expression Designer can help you improve.

Regular Expresion Designer


Regular Expresion Designer 1.4

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